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tv   News  Al Jazeera  December 16, 2014 3:00am-3:31am EST

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>> only on al jazeera america. suicide bombers enter a military-run school in pakistan, at least 10 students have been killed. men mare are wounded. ♪ ♪ >> this is al jazerra live from our headquarters in doha. also coming up, rescuing the ruble. russia hikes interest rates as the value of its currency plummets. australia remembers. prime minister tony abbott leads mourners after three die in the sydney cafe siege. >> the tragedy of these times is that there are people, even in a
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society such as ours, who wish to do us harm. we are not immune to the politically motivated violence which has for so long stalked other countries. ♪ ♪ we are getting reports that armed men have attacked a military-run school in northern pakistan. and there are reports that a number of children have died and many more are wounded. the pakistani taliban says it is a response to the ongoing military operations in the tribal areas in pakistan. we are going to speak to a journalist, joining us on the phone to tell us what you are hearing about the attack and what the situation is at that school. >> well, actually the school.
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[ inaudible ] and presently we don't have a picture of the situation inside. there are reports coming that perhaps. [ inaudible ] but the situation is very grim according to inside sources at least 10 children have died as a result of the attack which continued with the fighting and fighting continues for almost half an hour. but apparently it seems a number of security forces have entered this army-run school. it's been. [ inaudible ] around are mostly the military in the building but only one -- [ inaudible ] this was the from these militants might have entered. we have four confirmed bodies lying in a hospital which is two, three-kilometerkilometers m the spot. all the roads leading to the area have been cordoned off. and the military has taken control of the school. we don't have a clear indication
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of what is going on inside. some sources are saying still some bodies are lying inside and the casualty figure might be high as told to the media. >> okay, we'll leave it had for now, thank you very much. speaking to us from pakistan. we are crossing over and speaking to kamal. he was telling us, canal, that the death toll is expected to rise in that attack. what are you hearing? >> reporter: well, right now i can confirm that the military has also issued a statement saying that the rescue operation is still underway. that exchange of fire is still continuing between those inside the school and the security forces. as he was saying, there was always a fear that the death toll could rise, but no confirmation on the exact death toll. the hospital as he said has only four bodies so far. but the fear is that the death toll could be much higher. >> and have any demands been put
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forward, kamal? we understand reports coming in saying that the pakistani taliban are saying that this is a response to the ongoing military operations in tribal areas. >> reporter: well, there are no demands as far as the reports that are coming so there won't be any demands. what they are saying is that this is in reprisal to the ongoing operation in the tribal areas. where the pakistani military has launched a major operation in the middle of june, so this is seen as a reaction to that. however, the news has, of course, been received with a lot of apprehension across the country. because this is, after all, a school and perhaps one of the first incidents of its kind where a school has been taken over. we are told that there are over 500 students there. many of them have been evacuated. but many of them are still inside. and as i mentioned, the military
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is now saying that the rescue operation is underway and so the fear is that they could be much higher casualties. >> what what does this exactly tell us, kamal, about the strengths of the tal pan particularly when when a number of them are able to come together and a attack a school and kill children? >> reporter: well, first of all, despite the fact that this has been ceased because it's -- been seized because they are surrounded by tribal areas. but this is a soft target, no one would expect that school would be attacked where or children would be involved. because this will not win the taliban any points either. and of course will only strengthen the public's resolve to carry on supporting the military because such operations by any group anywhere in the world are not received well by
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the local population. >> okay, kamal, thank you for the time being. kamal reporting from islambad on the situation. the ongoing situation there where the pakistani hal dan with velshi attacked a school and there are casualties and a number of people have been killed as well. moving onto israeli forces because what they have done is shot dead a 21-year-old palestinian and that happened at a military operation in a refugees camp. and he has been identified. israeli forces raided the camp in the occupied west bank in confrontations broke out between the police and youth there. joining us from jerusalem, first of all, tell us exactly what happens with him and why he was shot dead. >> well, what we know and we have been speaking to eyewitnesses in the refugees
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camp, they told us that in the early hours of this morning israeli forces that area. there was a sizable number of israeli forces taking part in the raid and we understand that the 21-year-old came out to his roof and that is, according to eyewitnesses, when he was shot in the head by these is really i forces. he was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. we also understand that another palestinian man a 24-year-old was also shot during that israeli raid. he has been take then to israeli custody. he's in stable condition. we understand, but is still being questioned. but, of course, we still haven't been told what exactly was behind this raid. why the israelis were there. all we have been told bite israelis is that there was some sort of explosive material use there had or being housed there. but, again, very few details.
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however, we can confirm that a 21-year-old was killed. >> let me ask you about the news we are hearing that there have been 10 suspects, that have been arrested by israeli security forces. what do we know about these arrests? >> reporter: that's right, doreen, what we understand is that israeli police have arrested 10 people -- or taken them in to custody i should say for questioning. they haven't been charged with anything. but these men belong to a group, as you rightly point out, known as lehava. if you don't know what that is it's described here in israel as an extremist jewish group. this is a group which is against any kind of cooperation between pal tip vinnies and israelis, between jews and arabs. this is a group that is fiercely
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opposed to any inter marriage between the two communities. in fact, the current president who has publically stated his opposition to any kind of two state solution, still he's very critical of this group. he describes them, and i quote think as i rodent nahing on israel's democracy. as we have been saying, 10 people from this group have been arrested. what the israeli police say they have been taken in to custody for insight think. haven't been given anymore details in that. at this stage they have in the been charged with any crime. >> outside israel, in the palestinian territories a flurry of diplomatic activity going on briefly. >> reporter: that's right. yesterday benjamin net yahoo mt with the u.s. secretary of state john kerry where they discussed
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the palestinians planning to to the u.n. security council tomorrow on wednesday to submit a draft resolution which would effectively set a timetable to end israel's occupation of palestinian territories. we understand that later mr. kerry will be meeting with the palestinian's chief negotiator in london. mr. kerry will also be meeting with foreign ministers of various arab countries. there is a lot going on. there is a lot of negotiating going on. but what we have been hearing from the palestinian leadership is that they do intend to submit that draft resolution. however, in saying that, because palestine, as it were, is not a member of the u.n. security council, is not a member of the united nations, they need a third party country to submit that draft for them. we are hearing that the jordanians would do that for them, but at this stage, the jordanians are saying they haven't seen a resolution and they have no plan to his submit
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that resolution. >> right. >> reporter: so more questions at this stage than answers doreen. >> all right, we'll leave it there for now. thank you. reporting from west jerusalem. now, the australian prime minister tony abbott has led national mourning following the 17-hour armed siege in a cafe in central sydney. three people including the gunman died when commandos stormed the half kay. the hostage taken has been identified. he's an iranian refugees, his actions have been described by tony abbott as being politically motivated. >> the tragedy of these times is that there are people, even in a society such as hours, who wish to do us harm. we are not immune to the politically motivated violence which has for so long stalked other countries. over the last 36 hours we have responded to this in character,
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with grit, with stoicism with ex-what him at this. and i am absolutely confident that whatever happens in the days and weeks and months to come, australia will always be a free and open and generous society. and we have seen in just the last day or so, australians opening opening their hearts to members of all the different communities which make up this rich and multi-cultural city. >> andrew thomas has more from sydney where mourners have gather today pay their respect. >> reporter: people start today lay flowers here in martin place first thing on tuesday more than australia time. you can see how it's become a real carpet in the middle of martin place the cafe where this hand just a few meters further up the square. a big crowd. lots of media here, but lots and lots of sydney siders here desperately upset by what
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unfolded a day that many feel that sydney lost its innocence. i have just met emma holmes you felt a need to come down here and see the flowers and sign the book. >> it's just necessary to meet. i am the same age as katrina dawson, i have one child. i just -- [ inaudible ] and i think it's the saddest thing about all of this is the beautiful muslim community and how that is going to effect them. it's a very sad day. >> reporter: that's something that i have heard a lot here that people are concerned about backlash and determined that won't happen. do you have confidence in your fellow australians that that won't happen? >> i really do. but i just think this world is divided enough and i think things like this don't help. and i know i did take a bit of comfort in thinking this was a lone operator.
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and that's given me a lot of comfort to think that, you know, perhaps he's gone now and we can all move forward in a united way. >> reporter: emma, thank you very much for talking to us. >> thank you. >> reporter: there is a real feeling here that sydney changed overnight monday in to tuesday, that this city will never quite be the same again. still ahead on al jazerra. two strategic bases are captured by al-nusra front in syria. plus. >> reporter: i am reporting from central java. where a complete village was wiped out by a landslide.
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>> it's a chilling and draconian sentence... it simply cannot stand. >> this trial was a sham... >> they are truth seekers... >> all they really wanna do is find out what's happening, so they can tell people... >> governments around the world all united to condemn this... >> as you can see, it's still a very much volatile situation... >> the government is prepared to carry out mass array... >> if you want free press in the new democracy, let the journalists live.
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♪ ♪ the top stories on al jazerra. gunmen in pakistan have attacked a military-run school. at least 14 people are dead. 35 wounded. pakistani taliban says the attack is a response to ongoing military operations in the country's tribal areas. the australian prime minister tony abbott has described the actions of an armed hostage taken as being politically motivated. three people including the gunman died when commandos stormed a sydney cafe following a 17-hour stands off. in syria the al qaeda-linked al-nusra front and other factions have captured two bases in a coordinated attack in idlib, it's an area where the president bashar al al-assad's regime is being pushed back, zeina happenedder reports.
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>> reporter: this is not the first time they have tried to push out government forces but on monday the attack against the heavy mill ter iced zone was well explained and coordinated. hundreds of rebel fighters took part in the operation. it is a strategic win, because the syrian military has been forced to retreat. from its largest bases in this region, they lie on a highway that links the north to the south. >> translator: it is important because it lies on a main junction. this will affect the regime's presence in the north. and the north is important since it was from here the coalition started. >> reporter: this is a major military setback for the government when has lost control over much of idlib, but this is also a setback for the so-called moderate rebels. the assault was led by al-nusra front, syria's al qaeda branch. group has been consolidating its hold on idlib after pushing back western-backed rebels.
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when al-nusra did that, they also took their weapons. those heavy arms were used in the offensive. one of the commanders who is saudi arabian, promised more battlefield successes. >> translator: our message to every syrian soldier protecting assad your destiny will end up like the soldiers' destiny today. the regime left them to die for three years, the regime never tried to save them so they died. >> reporter: the syrian mail theimilitarysays the fight is nt the rebels are already accept zell broughting but it's al-nusra that won the battle and it's the dominant force in that corner of syria. al jazerra, beirut. tribal source sources in egd al jazerra that the army has raided 23 homes in northern sinai. it comes as the egyptian defense and interior ministers riz ted the region for the first time since the military began an operation in that area. the army, together with the police also stormed homes,
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arresting 18 people of various ages. al jazerra continues do he members the release of our three journalist who have been in prison in egypt for 353 days, peter greste, mohamed fahmy and bow there are mohamed were jailed on false charges. they are appealing against their convictions. well, russia has raised interest rates to 17% to try to stave off a full-blown currency crisis. the ruble has fallen 45% against the dollar this year and that's despite regular support from the central bank. the country's economy has been hit hard by a combination of plunging oil prices and western sanctions against moscow over the situation in eastern ukrai ukraine. shia houthi fighters in yemen has attacked at area north of the capital sanaa. it's part of the rebels' effort
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to consolidate further control of the country even after ideal earlier this year. randle reports. >> reporter: smoke billowing in the distance a sure sign that houthi shia rebels are still trying to get a foot hold north of the capital. this is our hub, yemen's main opposition party. local reports say their main building was bombed in yes cent days along with six schools and three mosques. several tribal elders and leaders have been seized. they characterize the houthi offensive as an unjust war. >> translator: we call on our brothers to stick to the agreement. the agreement that they signed alongside the other political parties. >> reporter: what is happening in our hub is not an isolated incidents. houthis have expanded their control since seizing the town earlier this year. the violence can be seen as the outcome as well as the cause of the political transition that
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has been continually stalled. casting the future of yemen and its people purchasing never to doubt. >> translator: the transfer of power has been delayed from day one and this has led to the loss of the main conditions for the success of this process. and this situation has in its turn led to the weakening of any force for change. >> reporter: meanwhile, in the south of the country, a caesarianist movement is picking up pace led by the death of one of its leaders. a prominent activist was shot dead by security force on his monday, two others were killed in the southern port city of aidan and now the leaders are calling for a day of civil disowe beat against as yemen appears to go pulled further air part by various political factions fighting for control. turkey's president has dismissed criticism from the european union over the
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recorrect media crack down he says the even u. shouldn't get involved in turkey's national security. hundreds of people have gathered in istanbul to protest against the crack down. on sunday more than 20 people were arrested in a nationwide swoop. >> translator: they should not intervene within our rule of law against elements that threaten our national security. they should mind air own business. special forces in trans have arrested 10 people in a series of raids they claim to have broken up a significant recruitment organization for young identifieders travel to iraq and syria. tim friend reports from paris. >> reporter: this was the culmination of an 18-month investigation. most of the arrests were made in the southern city. but police raided addresses in nomady and paris. the recruitment organization is understood to have played a big part in sending young men to
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fight for groups including isil. in a statement after the arrests. the french interior minister said that dismantling similar organizes was now a police priority. it's believed that the investigation began after detectives were contacted by the mother of a young turkish man, a potential recruit. but despite this apparent success, the french authorities still face huge challenges in preventing young men traveling to conflict zones. the french government estimates that a thousand french nationals have so far gone to fight in iraq and syria. it's thought 400 are currently fighting on the ground. about fist fighters have been killed during operations. according to specialist observers, it's getting harder for the police to identify potential recruits. >> translator: these days it's difficult to say what is the profile of a typical french
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jihadist. most come from disadvantaged urban areas, some are delinquents but many now come from privileged parts of society. one young man who was recently killed in syria had a perfectly average background and childhood. >> reporter: the often neglected suburbs have been prime recruiting ground in the part. the french government has i want introduced tough new laws to prevent people from leaving to join armed groups. but some here fear that will increase resentment and willingness to take up arms. tim friend, al jazerra, paris. thousands of protest nurse germany have called on the government to turn back muslim asylum seekers. they were opposed by a large counter demonstration by anti-fascists. the protests took place in dresden, where there have been similar demonstrations in recent weeks. the vatican says the u.s. has asked it for help in finding humanitarian solutions for
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inmates at guantanmo bay prison. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry made that request while visit is vatican city and reiterated president obama's commitment to closing the controversial prison camp. in the u.s., police have surrounded a second house searching for a man accused of killing his former wife and five of her family members. the suspect is a 35-year-old iraq war veteran. his killing spree crossed three towns early on monday morning. at least two dozen people have been arrested at a protest against police brutality in the u.s. city of oakland. dozens of protesters were arrested there after chaining themselves to police headquarters. protests have continued across the u.s. after two recent grand jury decisions not to indict white officers who killed unarmedded black men in ferguson, missouri and new york. in indonesia the death toll from the landslide last week has now risen to 56, that was
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triggered by heavy rains on friday. more rain has held off the search for dozens of people still missing. step reports from the district where hundreds of rescue workers are searching for survivors. >> reporter: it used to be a village with rice fields and fish ponds, now it has all been buried under a thick layer of mud. witched with ropes and shovels, rescue workers are trying to dig up the victim locating by the smell of dead bodies. for days he has tried to find his parents and 10 relatives. >> translator: i came here to helpful i want to find my family very badly. whatever their condition, i want to find them. >> reporter: a grim and difficult task. digging through four to 10 meters of soil often with their bare hands below are families who were taken by surprise, sitting in their houses they had no time to escape. the search for bodies is
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suddenly stopped when the weather worsens, hastily hundreds of rescue workers and volunteers leave the area. dangerous conditions in the mountains are delaying the excavation process significantly. >> translator: i just through over the area and i saw a lot of water on top of the landslide area which means that more landslides are likely to happen. especially which there is more rain. that's why we stopped the rescue efforts during heavy rain, as soon as it clears up we'll continue. >> reporter: the mountainous region is prone to landslides. this year more indonesian ans have died during landslides than any other disaster. while people are aware of the risks they didn't see this coming. >> translator: i am so afraid, i don't dare to go back there. i am afraid there will be more landslides. i don't know where to go. it's up to the government. >> reporter: together with hundreds of people they are forced to spend the night in a temporary shelter. with no village to return to,
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survivors are hoping the government will relocate them soon. leaving behind their fertile farmland and relatives who are still unaccounted for. step, al jazerra, en zen trail java. u.n. troops will launch a military operation against rwandan rebels operating in eastern congo next month. fighters from the fdlr armed group were given a deadline to disarm by january 2nd. but only a few hundred of them have, in fact, surrendered. leading to the threat of fresh offensive. a mexican artist has come one a novel way to pay tribute to 43 students who went missing from guerrero state in september. francisco has painted each of the students' portraits on a kite and he teaches each child who flies his kites about the students who disappeared. the disappearances have spurred protests right around the country. denmark has laid a claim to
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the united nations nearly a million square kilometers of energy-rich territory in the arctic circle. scientific data shows that green land a connected to the continental shelf beneath the arctic ocean were the arctic is also claimed by canada and russia. come okay admit it, you felt pretty good when you were filling up your tank over the weekend with gas at prices you haven't seen since the country emerged from the recession. is this a silver cloud with a dark lining? it's "inside story." ♪ ♪ hello, i am ray